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Rules for Retrogrades, Forty Tactic to Defeat the Radical Left by Timothy J. Gordon and David R. Gordon, Foreword by Michael J. Knowles.

REVIEW: Rules for Retrogrades, Not for Wimps                           
by Julianne Weinmann

Before you read this book, relax, find your center, take a deep breath, and be courageous. It will help you digest all this book has to offer.  Rules for Retrogrades is not for wimps.

First, do not skip the Forward! Michael Knowles never disappoints, and in the “Forward” to Rules for Retrogrades, he captured my attention with the first line: “We have never been more miserable.”

Second, do not skip the “Introduction” and the “Terms to Know.” The “Introduction” is important because if you are a faithful Catholic, you may be a retrograde, and despite the possible negative connotation in your mind, it’s best to begin reading here so you know for sure what a retrograde is and what it is not, again, in case you discover you are one.

Do not skip the “Terms to Know” because the English language has been compromised.  You cannot depend upon the standard definition of most words anymore. We have been misled and duped.  So read this chapter carefully so you know exactly what the Gordons are saying, absent preconceived notions.

Now, to the heart of the matter. With Saint Michael the Archangel as their patron saint, Tim and Dave Gordon have written a guide to counter the infamous Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, a book dedicated to Lucifer. And they do so fearlessly and with a call to action that we, the readers, ignore at our own peril.

The book has clarified for me all that has been burning in my heart these past months – that our founding fathers are to be admired for their courage and foresight, that what truly matters are sentiments like “live free or die,” adherence to the Ten Commandments, God’s law, the sanctity of human life from the womb to the tomb, and the absolute sovereignty of Christ, the Son of God.

In that context, the Gordons’ rules are noble, specific and outline a most effective way to retake our culture, for God. The rules are practical.  Countless times I have been flummoxed by the strategies and tactical arguments of radical progressives in my social circle.  I have encountered every attack elucidated in this book. 

With each chapter, I learned a new counterpunch and I gained a fresh understanding of the battle plan.  As a result, I felt a new surge of power and resolve. You will too.

As a former English teacher and amateur author, I greatly admire the writing. The Gordons have an impressive vocabulary and an intellectual way with words to match their command of the subject matter, as they discuss the relevant political and theological concepts with a steady linguistic drumbeat. Bravo! At times I was intimidated.  However, just when I began to think, whoa, this is over my head, I read this, a major take-away point, which could be the longest sentence in the book, I’m not sure:

“Yet, in the face of shameless leftist mischief (the re-imagining of the American healthcare system through the Affordable Care Act, the attempted coup against Donald Trump by nefarious deep state actors, the attempt to usher in Catholic women priestesses in the Amazon Synod, etc.), we have heard ad nauseam that certainly the latest bits of news from the front will finally push passive observers over the edge, awakening in them a fighting spirit sufficient to spur them to rise up en masse and finally vanquish our ideological foes, restoring common sense and decency to the public arena.” 

The next sentence is one word: “Horsefeathers.”

I laughed out loud, but more importantly, I got it.  The time to get involved is now. Retrogrades, lock arms. Thank you Tim and David Gordon. To whoever reads this review: Read this book!