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September 21, 2019 religion / Uncategorized 0 Comment

Hello all. I’m proud to announce a new book release! I have completed the book, Testimony, A Catholic’s Journey Back to Faith. It was another labor of love for me and I now embark on a mission to distribute the books to Catholic friends, relatives and others who are questioning the Faith, perhaps because of the latest scandals in the Catholic Church, or maybe they are trying to respond to the questions or attacks on their faith by Protestants. I’m no theologian so you may find many things in the book you might take issue with and that’s okay. It is merely my story and it’s what I have learned in the past few years as I researched by extensive reading, watching videos by Catholic and non-Catholic apologists, and in attending Catechism classes. My “journey” has not ended but my enthusiasm for education has increased.

If you are a faithful Catholic, please buy the book for someone you know who has left the Faith or who has become disillusioned.  My story might give them hope.

The book will be available on in the future, and you can purchase it now on LULU.COM:
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