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Rules for Retrogrades – Not for Wimps

June 19, 2020 book reviews / politics / religion / writing 0 Comment

Rules for Retrogrades, Forty Tactic to Defeat the Radical Left by Timothy J. Gordon and David R. Gordon, Foreword by Michael J. Knowles. REVIEW: Rules for Retrogrades, Not for Wimps                            by Julianne Weinmann Before you read this book, relax, find your center, take a deep breath, and be courageous. It […]

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If I believe

March 8, 2019 Blog / faith testimony / personal / religion 0 Comment

I think differently now. I think about my every day actions more critically. Why? Because I read reports of terrible things in the news: priests molesting children, bishops covering up for abusive priests, the Pope confusing Catholics with vague and imprecise language about dogma. I wonder if one of the […]

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Running from a Hurricane

November 3, 2017 personal 0 Comment

Hurricane IRMA was predicted to be a Category 5 monster and I watched The Weather Channel as it chronicled the hurricane’s approach to the Florida Keys.  Every time I turned on the TV, it seemed the track of this storm had my home in Nokomis on its radar. I was […]

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Is it Time to Write a Testimony to your Faith?

August 26, 2017 faith testimony / personal / writing 0 Comment

There are many reasons why you might write and publish an autobiography or your memoirs. Some write to set the record straight, others to capture and preserve precious family memories and still others want to leave behind the proof and some measure of the meaning of their existence, for generations […]

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