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Coming Soon

June 12, 2018 military stories / publishing 0 Comment

Sneak Peek: No Excuses. No Regrets. A New Lifetime Book celebrating the life of a Korean War Veteran will be available soon. With impending peace in this region of the world, our new book reminds us of those who sacrificed so much in that terrible war. Today I typed “The End” […]

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Heroes in Our Midst

May 25, 2017 community / military stories 0 Comment

This Memorial Day weekend, I dedicate this article to all of the military heroes: those who live among us and those who have died.  My heartfelt thank you for the sacrifices they made to keep us all free.  They and their families truly walk in Christ’s footsteps. As a new […]

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Honoring our Veterans

March 4, 2017 family stories / military stories / personal / planning / writing 0 Comment

Growing up in the 1960’s in Jersey City, New Jersey, I had no clear understanding of what it was like to serve in the United States military.  I graduated high school in 1969, a year scarred by Vietnam War protests and youth’s rage against the “Military Industrial Complex.”  I knew […]

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