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Parable #1 Conclusion: Quintessential Success

August 25, 2021 Blog / parable / religion 0 Comment

Parable #1: Please read PART 1 First: Under New Management Parable #1 Part 2: Conclusion: Quintessential Success In part 1, we met John, CEO of United Company, and his son, James. When we last saw John, he retired in despair and left his son James behind to go down with […]

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Modern Day Parables, #1, Under New Management

August 2, 2021 Blog / parable / politics 0 Comment

Modern Day Parables, #1, Under New Management A good man named John started United Company in the 1950s. He hired the best and the brightest.  He worked hard to create an open environment where employees could be heard and nurtured and developed.  As a team, they created and brought to […]

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