jake standing

Ode to Jake

August 3, 2017 personal / pets 0 Comment

You were my little boy, My red and white Brittany pup, Jake. You learned to “whisper” softly so early each morning when I started the day reluctantly. I learned every inch of you, picking out ticks, examining bumps, cleaning your floppy ears, and clipping your nails. That pink nose of […]

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Jake the dog

Gene’s Turn to Walk Jake

July 25, 2017 personal / pets 0 Comment

I lost my pup, “Jake” yesterday and this morning is a strange experience indeed.  Gone are the morning slurpy-kisses, gone are the hourly walks. Gone are the custom made meals of chopped meat and chicken breast, the multiple medications wrapped in cream cheese to assuage the discomfort from the symptoms […]

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