proof copies
July 2, 2024 publishing / writing 0 Comment

Hello friends. I am excited to receive the “proof copies” of my new book, The Mystery of the Empty Tomb. Those of you who have self-published already know the exhilaration of getting to this step in the self-publishing process. Of course, I am mortified to see all the typos and errors and clumsy wording and faulty sentence structure, but hey! That’s what proof-reading is all about. Nevermind that I proof-read it twice before printing this proof copy! Ugh!

But more eyes are better than one, and my friend and cohort, Mary, is in the process of reading it and I sent it to three of her willing grandkids to read. I anxiously await the reaction of the children who are the intended audience for the book.

I am very pleased with the artwork contributed by Daniela Valcárcel, and I think the cover design is good. I’m debating with myself about the title font, but that’s always an issue, now isn’t it?

I hope to publish in August, so stay tuned! Thank you for your support.