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June 12, 2018 military stories / publishing 0 Comment

book coverSneak Peek: No Excuses. No Regrets.

A New Lifetime Book celebrating the life of a Korean War Veteran will be available soon. With impending peace in this region of the world, our new book reminds us of those who sacrificed so much in that terrible war.

Today I typed “The End” and ordered a “proof” copy of a book about a courageous Korean War hero, Sergeant Dick Lambert, Delaware’s first military triple amputee and Purple Heart Medal recipient. The story is told by his wife, Louise, who celebrates her husband’s “can do” spirit and mischievous sense of humor in this tribute to Dick’s extraordinary life. Beginning with his tragic experience in the war in the early 1950’s, and ending with Dick’s sad and ironic passing in 2010, the book is entertaining and inspiring. Technically, the Korean War continues to this day, but as I turn on my TV, I see our President Trump meeting with Chairman Kim Jong Un in an unprecedented Summit aimed at bringing peace and prosperity to the Korean peninsula.

What a long and excruciating ordeal this has been for the people of North and South Korea, for the victims and the families of those who perished in that terrible war! Now, we have in our sights the possible end to all hostilities and the removal of the threat of nuclear war from the rogue and “hermit” regime of North Korea. How fitting that this story of a Korean War hero made it to my desk in these months leading up to the Trump-Kim Summit! I was blessed with this opportunity to work with Louise Lambert, the widow of our hero, Dick Lambert, to chronicle her husband’s accomplishments and share her personal stories of “life with Dick” in this unusual Lifetime Book, entitled No Excuses. No Regrets. This is the way Dick lived his life and it is the manner in which his wife Louise carries on.

My hope for this book is that everyone who learns about it and reads it will appreciate the inspiration Dick Lambert’s life can be to every disabled person or Veteran struggling to find the inner and outer strength to live a normal life. Dick did not only enjoy a “normal” life, but he lived life to the very fullest, engaging in more physical activities than most abled people dare, and contributing more to his community than most of us are willing to undertake. He lived a “no holds barred” life with great humor and positive energy. My hope for this book is that my friends, relatives, and colleagues will read it and pass it on to a war Veteran or disabled man or woman who needs to know that there is hope for a bright and action-filled future with this example of someone who overcame enormous obstacles to live with gusto.

I look forward to receiving the proof of the book in a few days and I will announce when it will be available on my website and other online outlets for sale. Then, I look forward to beginning my next pro bono project for another war Veteran, so if you know of a Veteran who would like to work with me on a Lifetime Book, please refer them to me (941-918-0355).

Congratulations to President Trump, Secretary Pompeo, National Security Advisor, John Bolton, and all those in the Trump administration who participated in the preparation and fulfillment of this historic Summit. It is certainly a day to be proud to be an American!