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June 26, 2018 military stories / publishing / reading 0 Comment

gofundme pageGuess what? We’ve set up a GOFUNDME Page to help us buy copies of our new Lifetime Book for disabled Veterans and other amputees! Next week I will receive in the mail the final published copy of No Excuses. No Regrets., the story of Sergeant Dick Lambert, Delaware’s first military triple amputee who served in the Korean War, as told by his wife Louise. The best way to carry on Dick’s Mission and to honor his legacy is to get the book into the hands of every disabled Veteran and amputee we can find!

So if you can, please DONATE on our GOFUNDME page to buy at least one book for an amputee.  Thank you so much.

Dick and Louise devoted their lives to helping military and civilian amputees and in the 1960’s, each week, they traveled from their home in Delaware to the Veterans Hospital in Philadelphia to pick up disabled Vietnam Veterans. They took them, with their wheelchairs, to their home for some inspiration, a lot of fun, fishing, swimming, and a good home-cooked meal.

As we receive donations, we will print and distribute the books to hospitals and organizations where the disabled, the war-wounded, and amputees are being treated and rehabilitated, to continue the spirit of Dick Lambert’s lifelong mission.

My hope for this book is that all who read it will pass it on to a war Veteran or disabled man or woman who needs to know that there is hope for a bright and action-filled future with this example of someone who overcame enormous obstacles to live with gusto.
Thank you.