No Excuses. No Regrets.

no excuses book cover
  • Project by : Louise Sanborn Lambert, Julianne Weinmann
  • Date : March 25, 2015

Project description

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This book celebrates the life of Sergeant Richard “Dick” Lambert, a Korean War Army triple-amputee and recipient of the prestigious Purple Heart Award. His wife, now widow, Louise, tells her stories with humor and love. She proudly tells about Dick’s “can do” spirit and indomitable courage.

My friend, Louise Lambert, who was born January 22, 1932, passed away on February 22, 2021, at the age of 89. I am so privileged to have known her and God blessed me with the opportunity to work with her on this book.  I hope it will be a comfort and a wonderful reminder of and tribute to the beautiful and selfless lives of Louise and Dick Lambert.

Louise was a talented seamstress and she loved making stuffed toys and comforters.  She made me many things, and I especially love the stuffed cat that she stitched for me and my cat, Caily!

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