cat in bethlehem
December 1, 2021 Blog / Christmas / pets / poetry 0 Comment

Was there a cat in Bethlehem?
With Christ the King who was born to them?
The Holy Family lay the Babe in a manger,
near ox and lamb and one small stranger.

Nestled in the straw below His bed,
where our Savior lay His sacred head,
a kitten lived in this humble house,
chasing one rude and pesky mouse.

Baby Jesus awoke to hear her purr,
no one else even noticed her.
Shepherds and Magi worshipped the Child.
Little kitty curled up, so soft and mild.

God blessed us on that Christmas morn.
For all creatures on earth, Christ was born.
So we can live together in peace and love,
for eternity in our home in heaven above.