Julianne Weinmann
July 29, 2018 poetry 0 Comment

A trip to Fort Myers to see a play with my friend Nancy inspired this poem for my birthday. The play was Savannah Sipping Society.

Another Birthday

Another year upon this earth
I celebrate my day of birth.
Overweight and undermined,
Old Father Time has been unkind.

The years that spread ahead of me,
Hold precious moments, can’t I see?
The decades of the past, instead
Haunt futures swirling in my head.

Without Gene in my life I fear
I’ll lose it all, not your fault, dear.
A broken woman after loss,
It’s fitting I should bear this cross.

I let him save my life, you see.
The truth was right in front of me.
Can’t live a life wrapped up in one
Without myself this life is done.

So, on a day in late July,
I pick up pieces, wondering why.
Six decades seven years so far,
Behind a door I’ve left ajar.

I pray tomorrow I can wake,
To recognize this great mistake.
I pray God gives me eyes to see,
A future custom-made for me.