Julianne and cats
January 30, 2023 personal / poetry / religion 0 Comment

When I leave this earth,
there will be silence
and unanswered questions.
There will be regrets.

There will be…
apologies unexpressed,
penance yet to be endured,
unfinished books,
friends left behind,
loose ends.

There will be tears over
unmade beds,
dirty laundry,
many messes.
There will be an empty room
where I once slept.

There will be no more looking back,
no more mending fences,
no chance to repent,
no way to recover years lost,
hours wasted, or
treasured moments.

When I close my eyes for the last time,
I’ll wonder if any good will be remembered,
scattered as it is among the wreckage.

When I leave…
Like a ship coming into port,
I’ll reach my destination,
decided by God,
my Judge and Redeemer.
Home at last.