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March 4, 2019 personal / privacy / relationships / social media 0 Comment

I’ve been criticized, castigated, shut-down, shut-up, venerated, complimented, invigorated, inspired, energized, angered, saddened and frustrated by social media. Some say social media is an addiction.  Some say it’s just a good way to keep in touch with friends and family; some say it is beneficial to society, and still others perceive it as a sign of societal decay.

In weighing the good and bad, I have decided to go “unplugged.” Yes, I am willing to forego the benefits to avoid the negative consequences.  I anticipate that I will be happier, healthier and have more time for nobler pursuits. Each of you must decide for yourselves.

You might ask yourselves: How much time are you spending online?  What benefits are you receiving?  Is it helping you personally or professionally? Is it restoring your faith or making you a better person?  Is it helping to grow your business or your circle of friends?  Is it bringing you closer to family and friends?

Most of the time I hear those who use social media say they are very busy and social media helps them stay in touch with family and friends.  But I have noticed that many of my friends and family that use social media have stopped calling.  They don’t visit and we seldom talk to each other.  The connection I have with people I see and talk to is a higher quality than the connections I have on social media.  I can hear the emotion and sincerity, and I know they care enough to take time to connect with me, in real time, rather than at their convenience, when I’m not available. There is no way to gauge sincerity by reading a Facebook post.

Social media is run by mega-companies that keep this economy booming, however, they are amassing a great deal of power while becoming so successful.  These companies track us and eavesdrop on our conversations daily. They collect, share and disseminate our personal information.  They block those with whom they disagree and promote the agenda they support, gaining an unfair advantage in politics and social discourse. They “tag” us in photos, and they get us to work for them for nothing by prompting us to spend our valuable time publishing reviews, comments and referrals. Is this how you want to spend your volunteer time?

I have three websites: www.Weinmark.com, www.LifetimeWriter.com, and www.Skitales.com. Each has original content and a blog. So, if you want to contact me, please do so on one of these websites or send me an email or call me.  Simple.

And to all those who will engage with me only on social media, “hasta la vista!”

Don’t look for me on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.  I’ll be purging myself from these social media websites. It’s just not worth giving up my freedom, liberty and privacy.