jake standing
August 3, 2017 personal / pets 0 Comment

jake with stickYou were my little boy,
My red and white Brittany pup, Jake.
You learned to “whisper” softly so early each morning
when I started the day reluctantly.

I learned every inch of you,
picking out ticks,
examining bumps,
cleaning your floppy ears,
and clipping your nails.

That pink nose of yours made me laugh.
You nuzzled it between my knees,
hoping I would scratch that special place behind your ears.

As a puppy, you tried my patience
and wrecked my things.
You worried me to death
when you disappeared into the corn stalks.
But you always came back to me.

You shared my joys and my losses.
You comforted me with your breathing,
and shifted your weight to cuddle
as close as space would allow.
Your fur held my tears and
I whispered how sorry I was to be sad so long.

You are only a pup,
but your little face showed an understanding
as if you were heaven-sent.
I’ll never forget all this about you, Jake.

It’s Daddy’s turn to walk you now,
and surely there will come a day,
when all three of us will walk together again,
and play “stick.”