Gene and Julie
October 28, 2019 Memorial / personal / poetry 0 Comment

In memory of my late husband, Gene. On October 13th, 2019, if he lived, we would have celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. Looking through photo albums is a painful experience because I still miss him. In February, it will be four years since he left this earth. God bless you, Gene, and may your soul rest in peace, Amen.

No Solace

These memories are no solace
when my love smiles back
from every birthday cake photo,
every Christmas tree pose,
peeking at me from behind
an anniversary rose.

His arms wrapped around me
hugging tightly,
as if we will never be parted.

His comic face belies that wit,
that strummed the rhythms of our married life,
all laughter and passion and yet,
where’s the joy in remembering how we
worked, played, and toasted the sunsets?

These memories are no comfort,
they are stabs in the gut
and reminders of a heart
that used to beat
without aching.