black cat on logs
August 8, 2019 personal / poetry 0 Comment

I am sure you have all been lied to. Call it “gaslighting” or “goofing” or “teasing.” Use any euphemism you want.  But as one who has tolerated many lies, I say to the liars: stop it. I’ve got your number. Sometimes I wonder if the lying fools know what they say is truly a lie or whether they’ve convinced themselves it’s true.  More likely the truth is too difficult to face. We all create illusions when reality becomes too, well…. real. I wrote a poem about it. Tell me about your experience with lies and liars. Go ahead and write about it. I’m not afraid of the truth, are you?


I was wrong
when I thought
you were right about me.
That I was close-minded.
I was right
to call you a hypocrite.
The truth is out there
to discover.
You can’t