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September 6, 2022 news / personal 0 Comment

Two little words, “I moved” seem inadequate to express this life-changing experience. And it all happened so fast!

Why did I move?
Maybe it was the fall. In June, I woke one morning to a sharp pain in my back. I walked into the kitchen thinking it was a back spasm and I should walk around and “work it out.” Bad decision. Another sharp pain and I passed out and… WONK! I banged my head on the ceramic floor. Luckily, I passed out next to the table where my phone was charging. When I came to, I called 911. While the paramedics were on their way, I realized the door was locked and the alarm was on. Strangely enough, with that incentive, I got up, walked to the door, unlocked it, disarmed the alarm, and waited for the ambulance to arrive.

When the paramedics arrived, I assured them I was okay, but my heart rate was decreasing with every passing minute and they were very concerned. Off I went to the hospital. Tests revealed a UTI (yucky infection) and dehydration. I had an overnight stay. Maybe this fall convinced me I needed supervision. All those “what if’s” flooded my brain and emotion.

Or maybe it was the huge expense of needing a new roof last January. Maybe it was my isolation, loneliness or a combination of those things. I just knew I couldn’t handle the big house anymore and all that was involved with its upkeep.

Whatever the reason was, when I finally decided I had to move, I was inspired to seek out help. I found two powerhouses of help – Andre Santamaria and Charlotte Corvi of Senior Living Selections and Coldwell Banker’s cracker-jack team of Real Estate agents, Jamie Mullis and Julie Constantine. With their help, I quickly sold my home, found my new home, and moved. They helped me with every step, every question and concern, every doubt. They held my hand through all the many decisions involved with the move and they were all very patient with my moods and anxieties. My moving company was We Care Senior Relocation Services, and yes, they cared a lot. I still feel bad about my “rubix cube” type computer desk they decided to disassemble and therefore had to reassemble.

Where did I move?
Here I am, at Discovery Village in Bradenton, Florida, where I feel safe, have many opportunities to be active and sociable, and where I can relax and thrive in a spacious one-bedroom apartment where Caily-kitty and I are settling in. I’m in my office today, updating the website and forum. The apartment has a bonus office/den space where all my equipment fits nicely.

All’s well that ends well.