Humble pie meme
June 21, 2024 Blog / personal / politics / religion 0 Comment

Seems that as a species, we have lost the recipe for Humble Pie. The virtue of “humility” is the nutritional benefit of this confection and it has become a rare treat.

I recall many years ago, in my twenties, when I was perfecting my position of righteousness and arrogance, I studied the “art” of marketing and persuasion. Around the same time, I abandoned any faith I had in God or the church. Feminism was just becoming a thing. I learned the theory that to gain power and influence others, I should never admit guilt…about anything. I could say things like “I’m sorry you feel that way,” or “I’m sorry you were hurt,” or “I’m sorry things didn’t turn out as you expected.” But it was important never to claim accountability and never to say I was sorry for anything I did. I just had to point to who was at fault. It wasn’t me!

Why is that? Well, the accompanying theory was that if you admit guilt, defeat, or wrongdoing, your enemy could and would use it against you. This theory proved to be true in the courtroom, in politics, and even in love and war. Guilt and any form of confession are weaknesses ripe for exploitation. Yes, there are those ready to create and spread profane memes about you on social media as soon as you issue your mea culpa.

The problem that arose when I practiced this defense was a growing sense of irresponsibility and a feeling of being untouchable. I was all dressed up in the impenetrable armor of always being right. It was an effective defensive strategy that worked for a while until I realized how isolating this had become. Each time I denied culpability, I sunk deeper into debt and drew further from those who would accept me for the broken person I had become. And by debt, I am not speaking about finances here, but rather about moral indebtedness.

As we continue to roll around in the mud of the Presidential election year campaigns, I am reminded of the recipe for Humble Pie. I wish we could make some and pass it around to these politicians who think they know it all and can do anything they please without accountability. They will soon find out their accounts will be closed for insufficient funds.

Here’s the recipe in case you lost it:

Humble pie recipe:

 Main Ingredients:

A large portion of fear of the LORD, mixed with faithfulness, confession, repentance, and obedience to God’s law.


Sift all the above ingredients together, then add to it the yeast of the Sacraments, allowing time for virtue to rise in you.

Then add the salt of the gifts you have been given, which are your talents and skills.

Combine the above with good works according to God’s will for you.

Bake at a high temp for the rest of your life.

But, but, but…what if your enemies use your weaknesses against you?

Answer: Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you.

You’ll like it. It’s delicious!