Gene holding baseball in glove
May 8, 2016 personal 0 Comment

Gene and Jake sleepingMy husband Gene passed away on February 5th, 2016.  I take notes every day as I experience his presence in my life in so many ways. He visits me in the wind, through birds that fly in and out of our bird feeder, and in the hugs and kisses made by cloud formations in the sky.  Am I going crazy?  No, I just love him deeply with …”a love that lasts forever.”

Gene’s birthday is May 18th and we were born in the same year, 1951.  I wanted to grow old with Gene but God gave him only 64 years.  My years with Gene were the best years of my life.  Thank you, my love, for the memories, and Happy Birthday.

Our pup, Jake, will be 12 years old on May 11.  He is my comfort and my baby.  Happy Birthday, Jake.