May 24, 2022 faith testimony / personal / poetry 0 Comment

Don’t stand between me and Jesus
when the end of my life comes.
I want to travel swiftly,
when my womanhood succumbs.

Don’t breathe for me or prop me up,
when my lungs begin to slow.
I want to breathe in heaven’s scent.
Please let my last breath go.

Don’t stent my veins or pace my heart
when my heartbeat fades.
I want to find my way to Him,
by whom my heart was made.

I know you think it’s loving
to stretch my time on earth.
Before you hold me back from heaven,
if you love me, hear me first.

You see, heaven is our forever home,
where all creatures live in peace.
He prepared a place for you and me,
where life and love will never cease.