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This morning, as I arose to a glorious, warm, sun-filled day in Florida, I “treated” myself to a couple of videos on the diabolical purpose behind the vaccines and an exciting rant about “the war in Russia,” by a very popular host on Fox News. (I’d like to ask why Fox calls these programs “news” when every person on this network does commentary and opinion rather than news. I won’t get an answer.) I won’t burden you with more fear-mongering about the so-called virus. In the Fox video about the current war, I noticed the words he used over and over: “disaster,” “hate,” “propaganda,” “nuclear reactor,” “radiation levels,” “panic,” “moral panic,” “war, war, war,” “being lied to and manipulated,” “impoverish,” “crash,” “aids.” There are many more fear words used in this broadcast. I won’t go on or I will be committing the same sin against you. This commentator is praised as being truthful and direct, giving us the almighty truth. Comments on this video are very positive. But what’s the effect of this tirade presented as truth? This approach is brilliant because you never notice the principal purpose of the piece: to scare you to death!

Do not be afraid.

I’m not suggesting we all put our heads in the sand and ignore the truth. I’m suggesting that we look for and follow truth-based people and networks that give us hope. It is not as difficult as you are led to believe to have hope in the face of all this disastrous truth. Research and read the book of Job in the Bible as a grounding exercise. I can preach all day about how this world is just a flicker in our existence, and a true trial of our metal as people, but eyes glaze over when I speak about eternity and our immortal souls. It’s no accident that, in the midst of war, a president once reminded us: “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” That’s a bit of useful truth.

Are you a follower of Christ? Then man-up. Find your courage and ask God not only for delivery from evil but for strength in the face of evil.

If you want to be afraid of something, fear the wrath of God. If you reject Him and break His laws, you may experience this wrath. My friend, this is something to fear. But again, I’m committing the same sin as the Fox commentators. Mea culpa.

Today, I follow only a few people online who may be telling the truth in a hopeful manner. One of them is LT of AndWeKnow.com. Caution: this podcaster also reveals horrible truths and uses fear words, so no one is perfect. If you want to keep informed about the “news,” you should find your own good or better sources of info. But primarily, trust in God and get your own house in order, and for heaven’s sake, seek to do God’s will.

Isaiah 41:10 “…do not fear, for I am with you, do not be afraid, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.” [Holy Bible NRSV Catholic Edition, 1991]