I often use the website pngtree.com for images in my books and other publications. Their humble request is to add an attribution to my website. I will list them all here. Thank you pngtree.com.

Mother’s Day Image used for letter:
Happy mothers day, hand-drawn cat mother cats<a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/Hand’>Hand png from pngtree.com/</a>

Today’s image used for a flyer:
Coffee image: coffee png from pngtree.com/

The 7 Deadly Sins vs The 7 Godly Virtues:
Rabbit 1<a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/watercolor’>watercolor png from pngtree.com/</a>

Christmas Pageant:
Stage: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/theatrical-scenery’>theatrical scenery png from pngtree.com</a>

Narrator at podium: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/speech-clipart’>speech clipart png from pngtree.com</a>

Book: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/books’>books png from pngtree.com</a>

A Brief Introduction to the Traditional Latin Mass for Kids:
Trinity: Stock photo ID:536194501 | Holy Trinity: by PaoloGaetano, Roma, Italy

Gold chain: incense:
<a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/gold’>gold png from pngtree.com/</a>


<a href=’https://pngtree.com/free-backgrounds’>free background photos from pngtree.com/</a>

BIBLE<a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/Hand’>Hand png from pngtree.com/</a> Hand-drawn open bible illustration 4983516.png

KEY: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/3d’>3d png from pngtree.com/</a>

Archangel: Photo by Federico Scarionati on Unsplash


Who Made Us?
Sparrow cartoon bird – Pngtree.com
<a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/flying-bird-clipart’>flying bird clipart png from pngtree.com</a>

Spider: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/spider-clipart’>spider clipart png from pngtree.com</a>


<a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/yellow’>yellow png from pngtree.com</a>

Outstretched wing bird:
<a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/bird’>bird png from pngtree.com</a>

Alligator in creation clipart:

<a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/crocodile’>crocodile png from pngtree.com</a>

Easter Sunday
Cover: easter egg background: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/free-backgrounds’>free background photos from pngtree.com/</a>

Red cloth:

<a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/Red’>Red png from pngtree.com/</a>

Sheet texture background: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/free-backgrounds’>free background photos from pngtree.com/</a>

Paintbrush and palette: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/paintbrush’>paintbrush png from pngtree.com/</a>

Basket of eggs: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/Wooden’>Wooden png from pngtree.com/</a>

Easter Egg: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/Iranian’>Iranian png from pngtree.com/</a>

Easter eggs<a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/Decorative’>Decorative png from pngtree.com/</a>

I Choose Life
Baby frame: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/free-backgrounds’>free background photos from pngtree.com</a>

Alternative frame:
<a href=’https://pngtree.com/free-backgrounds’>free background photos from pngtree.com</a>

Chapter flourish: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/green’>green png from pngtree.com/</a>


Mom Embracing New Born | standard license.
Description: Mother Newborn Baby Family Portrait, Mom Embracing New Born Kid, Parent and Child Love Concept, Isolated Over White Background.

Credit: inarik | Stock photo ID: 469590668

Baby Jesus Loves Ewe
Harp with hand
<a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/Hand’>Hand png from pngtree.com/</a>

Bench in tent: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/bench’>bench png from pngtree.com/</a>

Blanket: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/Blue’>Blue png from pngtree.com/</a>

<a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/Blue’>Blue png from pngtree.com/</a>

Rock: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/Cartoon’>Cartoon png from pngtree.com/</a>

Christmas Tree: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/Christmas’>Christmas png from pngtree.com/</a>

Christmas wreath: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/christmas’>christmas png from pngtree.com/</a>

Royalty-free stock vector ID: 1838683603

Flying angel with a harp. Biblical illustration in old engraving style. Hand drawn vector illustration By dmitroscope

December 3, 2022, St. Francis Letter – Image = DECEMBER:
<a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/December’>December png from pngtree.com/</a>

Business Cards and Change of Address cards:
Vintage Floral Frame: <a href=’https://pngtree.com/so/vintage’>vintage png from pngtree.com/</a>