Older Then, Younger Now….PUBLISHED!

May 27, 2014 designing a cover / publishing 0 Comment

Well Ladies and Germs, I FINALLY finished my very own LifeTime Book entitled Older Then, Younger Now. After fixing errors that I found in the proof copy, I revised my work and finally published it for the general public.  The issue of cover design was especially perplexing because I am […]

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Remembering Lakewood

May 26, 2014 Blog / family stories / personal 0 Comment

Lakewood New Jersey.  Nestled in the pine forests of south Jersey, Lakewood was a short distance from Lakehurst, “Airship Capital of the World.” Here, in the early 1950’s my parents bought a former “army barracks,” complete with two entrances, a large kitchen, and several bedrooms off both sides radiating from […]

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Proof Copy Cringes

May 4, 2014 designing a cover / editing 0 Comment

I was so excited that I finally FINISHED my Lifetime Book.  I thought for sure that my next blog entry would be an announcement. But wait…..then I ordered the proof copy. Now don’t get me wrong, it looks really good. All the pages were in the right places and the […]

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Photos can be deceiving

March 30, 2014 career stories / family stories 0 Comment

Some photos can be so deceiving and can even change your memory of any given day.  This photo of me and my dad was taken on graduation day in 1971 in front of CCM (County College of Morris), where I earned an Associates Degree. We look very close and happy […]

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