January 12, 2014 editing / writing 0 Comment

all petsIt was difficult for me to write the Chapter I call “All My Children,” because I always wanted to have children, and I thought I would, but unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. I’ve always had a great affinity with animals and so I wrote all about my pets as my kids. I sure do hope this is the last chapter so that I can finally complete my writing and go on to final edits and adding the photos so that I can publish my own LifeTime Book.

In my final edit, I want to be sure I include a paragraph about my jury duty in the murder trial of State of NJ vs. John Reese who was accused of brutally killing a woman with the claw end of a hammer after having bound and raped her. We jurors found the defendant guilty on all counts and then were charged with the task of deliberating on the Death Penalty.  It was a life-changing experience.  I wrote the first Chapter of a book dedicated to that experience so I don’t intend to go into it in depth in my LifeTime Book, but I want to include at least a paragraph.  So I will be editing for this next. Wish me luck.