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Proof: The Mystery of the Empty Tomb

July 2, 2024 publishing / writing 0 Comment

Hello friends. I am excited to receive the “proof copies” of my new book, The Mystery of the Empty Tomb. Those of you who have self-published already know the exhilaration of getting to this step in the self-publishing process. Of course, I am mortified to see all the typos and […]

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desktop organizers

Getting Started

May 9, 2019 Blog / planning / publishing 0 Comment

On the topics of writing and publishing a book, I am often asked the question: “How do I get started?” Students tell me they have been writing for many years.  They have notebooks filled with insights and stories in prose, poetry and more.  Some have documents located in a file […]

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Beware of Self-Publishing Companies that do not list their fees

November 29, 2018 publishing 0 Comment

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.  But if a company takes the time and spends the money to develop a fancy website, the LEAST they can do is post their fees, right?  Here are a few of the self-publishing companies in our area who DO NOT publish their fees […]

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Sunsets and kisses book cover

Sunsets & Kisses Published!

October 2, 2018 Memorial / publishing 0 Comment

It has been a productive summer. After completing Kitty-Kitty with my friend Vicki, my anniversary month loomed ahead of me and I began to think about my late husband Gene (what else is new, right?).  I decided to create a photo book on as a “gift” to him.  I […]

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