King's castle in winter

The Parable of the Ingrate, Part II

October 17, 2022 Blog / Christmas / parable / prayer / religion 1 Comment

Continued from Part IFelix Atticus had a heart indeed! Rising to his feet, he looked to the heavens in search of the Lord. Loudly and with much emotion, he confessed his sins of envy and anger and repented. Just then, he heard the sound of trumpets coming from the direction […]

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Parable of the Ingrate

The Parable of the Ingrate, Part I

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Long ago, in the time of kings, there lived a benevolent royal named “Truth.” He ruled the land of Loveliness. The people of the land were mostly happy. They wanted for nothing, and most were peasants who toiled daily. They were farmers, carpenters, blacksmiths, and cooks. There were physicians and […]

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Conversations with the Holy Spirit

September 20, 2022 Blog / faith testimony / poetry / prayer / pro-life / religion 0 Comment

Are you naïve, God?To become a man bringing love and peace to us,Only to be crucified for healing and redeeming,if in You we trust? Are you naïve, God?to welcome we believers into the heavenly kingdom,where we will live with You in paradise,retaining our free will? Are you naïve, God?To think […]

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Parable of the Chickweed

Parable #2 The Parable of the Chickweed – all about the Consecration

March 24, 2022 Blog / prayer / religion 0 Comment

This Parable is all about the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Once there was a household governed by a King and his daughter.  The daughter was Queen of the household and she was very good. Her main concern was the health and happiness of the family […]

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