Julianne and cats

When I leave…

January 30, 2023 personal / poetry / religion 0 Comment

When I leave this earth,there will be silenceand unanswered questions.There will be regrets. There will be‚Ķapologies unexpressed,penance yet to be endured,unfinished books,friends left behind,loose ends. There will be tears overunmade beds,dirty laundry,many messes.There will be an empty roomwhere I once slept. There will be no more looking back,no more mending […]

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new living room

I moved.

September 6, 2022 news / personal 0 Comment

Two little words, “I moved” seem inadequate to express this life-changing experience. And it all happened so fast! Why did I move?Maybe it was the fall. In June, I woke one morning to a sharp pain in my back. I walked into the kitchen thinking it was a back spasm […]

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Desiring Heaven

May 24, 2022 faith testimony / personal / poetry 0 Comment

Don’t stand between me and Jesuswhen the end of my life comes.I want to travel swiftly,when my womanhood succumbs. Don’t breathe for me or prop me up,when my lungs begin to slow.I want to breathe in heaven’s scent.Please let my last breath go. Don’t stent my veins or pace my […]

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wake in water, sunrise

Waking with Words

April 22, 2022 Blog / personal / relationships / religion 0 Comment

Have you ever experienced this? I wake in the morning, open my eyes, and immediately, my mind engages. I think of something and I have no idea from where or from whom it comes. The thoughts have meaning.¬† Something I imagined? Something my mind was processing overnight and came to […]

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