parable of vicar and king p2

The Parable of the Vicar and the King, Part II

December 12, 2023 Blog / faith testimony / parable / religion 0 Comment

Part II of the Parable of the Vicar and the King

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The Parable of the Vicar and the King (part 1)

December 3, 2023 Blog / parable / politics / religion 0 Comment

When weak leaders rule.

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Precious Ivy

The Parable of the Precious Ivy

March 3, 2023 parable / pro-life / writing 0 Comment

The Parable of the Precious Ivy by Julianne                                                                             Feb. 28, 2023 At that time, in the county of Yore in the country of Bairn, there lived the distinguished family of Alabaster Manor. They farmed one-hundred acres of fertile land primarily to grow grapes that were pressed and fermented to produce […]

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King's castle in winter

The Parable of the Ingrate, Part II

October 17, 2022 Blog / Christmas / parable / prayer / religion 1 Comment

Continued from Part IFelix Atticus had a heart indeed! Rising to his feet, he looked to the heavens in search of the Lord. Loudly and with much emotion, he confessed his sins of envy and anger and repented. Just then, he heard the sound of trumpets coming from the direction […]

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