Profanity. Not offended. Commanded.

Profanity. Not offended, commanded.

February 26, 2024 Blog / editing / faith testimony / profanity / religion / social media / writing 0 Comment

A podcast listener criticizes the use of profanity by the hosts, invoking religious scriptures to argue that vulgar language is ungodly and lowers discourse standards. The listener suggests editing speech for effectiveness rather than using profanity for emphasis, which is overused and unimpactful. They advocate for choosing media that align with one’s values, highlighting the importance of speaking respectfully in all facets of life.

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The Power of the F-Word, or not.

February 10, 2024 Blog / editing / social media / writing 0 Comment

Powerful language in writing and using vulgar slang swear words.

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Proof Copy Cringes

May 4, 2014 designing a cover / editing 0 Comment

I was so excited that I finally FINISHED my Lifetime Book.  I thought for sure that my next blog entry would be an announcement. But wait…..then I ordered the proof copy. Now don’t get me wrong, it looks really good. All the pages were in the right places and the […]

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All My Children

January 12, 2014 editing / writing 0 Comment

It was difficult for me to write the Chapter I call “All My Children,” because I always wanted to have children, and I thought I would, but unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. I’ve always had a great affinity with animals and so I wrote all about my pets as […]

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