The Power of the F-Word, or not.

February 10, 2024 Blog / editing / social media / writing 0 Comment

Powerful language in writing and using vulgar slang swear words.

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Proof Copy Cringes

May 4, 2014 designing a cover / editing 0 Comment

I was so excited that I finally FINISHED my Lifetime Book.  I thought for sure that my next blog entry […]

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All My Children

January 12, 2014 editing / writing 0 Comment

It was difficult for me to write the Chapter I call “All My Children,” because I always wanted to have […]

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Editing, the Heavy Lifting of Writing

December 31, 2013 editing / family stories / personal / writing 0 Comment

Editing.  This is the “heavy lifting” of book writing.  I know, I know, it’s taking me a very long time […]

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