King's castle in winter

The Parable of the Ingrate, Part II

October 17, 2022 Blog / Christmas / parable / prayer / religion 1 Comment

Continued from Part IFelix Atticus had a heart indeed! Rising to his feet, he looked to the heavens in search of the Lord. Loudly and with much emotion, he confessed his sins of envy and anger and repented. Just then, he heard the sound of trumpets coming from the direction […]

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Parable of the Ingrate

The Parable of the Ingrate, Part I

Blog / Christmas / parable / prayer / religion 0 Comment

Long ago, in the time of kings, there lived a benevolent royal named “Truth.” He ruled the land of Loveliness. The people of the land were mostly happy. They wanted for nothing, and most were peasants who toiled daily. They were farmers, carpenters, blacksmiths, and cooks. There were physicians and […]

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cat in bethlehem

Was there a cat in Bethlehem?

December 1, 2021 Blog / Christmas / pets / poetry 0 Comment

Was there a cat in Bethlehem?With Christ the King who was born to them?The Holy Family lay the Babe in a manger,near ox and lamb and one small stranger. Nestled in the straw below His bed,where our Savior lay His sacred head,a kitten lived in this humble house,chasing one rude […]

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Rudolph ornament

A Christmas Poem for Mom

December 24, 2019 Christmas / personal / poetry 0 Comment

A Christmas in 1955, I waited for Santa to arrive, to bring all the presents I wished for, that’s why, I was nice, not naughty, or so I tried. Mom would whisper, then Dad would hide, But I knew down deep inside, on Christmas morning, the toys I spied, except […]

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