Dear Herman Melville

May 12, 2021 Blog / book reviews / movie reviews / religion 0 Comment

To Herman Melville         Dear Mr. Melville,Thank you for writing the novel, Moby Dick. You were born over two hundred years […]

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Rules for Retrogrades – Not for Wimps

June 19, 2020 book reviews / politics / religion / writing 0 Comment

Rules for Retrogrades, Forty Tactic to Defeat the Radical Left by Timothy J. Gordon and David R. Gordon, Foreword by […]

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Keith Nester book cover

Book Review: The Convert’s Guide to Roman Catholicism

December 9, 2019 Blog / book reviews / writing 0 Comment

Book Review: The Convert’s Guide to Roman Catholicism, by Keith Nester Watch my VIDEO REVIEW: https://youtu.be/n7nM-1_sU_k At first, I didn’t […]

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