Parable of the Chickweed
March 24, 2022 Blog / prayer / religion 0 Comment

This Parable is all about the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Once there was a household governed by a King and his daughter.  The daughter was Queen of the household and she was very good. Her main concern was the health and happiness of the family and staff.

One day she became concerned about the poor quality of the food that was being served by the cook. She asked the cook about it. The cook replied that she was concerned too because the vegetables coming from the garden were bruised and smaller than in the past. She spoke to Pius, the gardener, about it many times, but he didn’t seem to listen or care.

So the Queen went to visit the garden.

There she saw the gardener, whose name was Pius, sprinkling water on the plants because there was little rain. She asked him: “Pius, why are the fruits and vegetables looking weak and tasting bland?” He said, “My lady, we have not had much rain.”

The Queen noticed a bit of chickweed had invaded a portion of the garden and she pointed this out to the gardener. She told him to remove the chickweed before it spread throughout the garden and killed all the crops.

In the days and years to follow, the gardener failed to weed the garden. He took long naps and engaged in other activities. He didn’t listen to the Queen. The chickweed continued to spread and kill the plants in the garden. The people in the household began to complain of hunger.

So the Queen fired the gardener and hired a new one named John Paul.  John Paul knew all about the chickweed and was going to remove it. But a neighbor stopped by and told him not to touch it. He said it was dangerous. He said it would cause a rash and make the gardener sick. So John Paul listened to the neighbor and removed all the weeds except for the chickweed. And the years went by and the chickweed spread, killing more and more of the healthy plants

The Queen heard the complaints of the people of the household that the situation was getting worse. The food was scarce and they were suffering.

The Queen saw that the garden was filled with chickweed and she fired John Paul. She then hired a new gardener named Francis.

The same neighbor visited Francis and told him how dangerous the chickweed was, and Francis was afraid to touch it. So for many years, he also did nothing. But one day, the crying of the people got so loud that Francis could hear it in the field and he knew he had to do something before the Queen found out. So he suited up with gloves and a mask and weeded the entire garden along with the chickweed. Everyone in the household rejoiced!

But after the weeding took place, when the Queen came to inspect the garden, the sight was sad indeed.

The chickweed had killed most of the plants and only a few strong, faithful survivors remained.

There was very little food left for the starving family and household, and they nibbled on what was left and they wept and prayed.

The Queen wept with them and then she went to see her Father to ask for mercy and aid. Once before, her Father had saved the household by sending His Son as gardener, who pulled every weed and fertilized the crop. But that was a very long time ago. Would He come again?

The people of the household wept and prayed.

The next day, at breakfast, when all the people were gathered, the Queen and the cook made an announcement.

Said the Queen: “Father has sent a fresh supply of plants for the garden along with several faithful and trustworthy laborers. We will plant them and in spring, we will have more food than we can imagine! It is like manna from heaven!”

Then the cook said: “We will need many more laborers to get this crop in before the next rain. Please keep praying, but I will also need volunteers to help with the planting.”

The staff and members of the family who were able, joined in the planting, and from the fields rose the sound of joy, and hymns of thanksgiving were sung. And the fearful neighbor was never heard from again.