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"If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance." --- George Bernard Shaw

Your Lifetime Writer

  • Plans and Listens Your Lifetime Writer plans your book from start to finish, listens to your stories and records each interview. You will receive a preliminary Chapter Outline which will evolve and change after each interview.
  • Writes a Draft of each chapter. Your Lifetime Writer writes a draft of each chapter from notes and recordings made during interviews, then sends it to you for review.
  • Revises and improves. Your Lifetime Writer will revise and improve each chapter of the book until you are satisfied with the layout of each page and chapter, the quality of the writing, the tone, the placement of photos and all of the details contained within your book.
  • Publishes your Lifetime Book. When you have reviewed the final draft of your book, your Lifetime Writer will design a full color front and back cover, and when you have approved all, your Lifetime Writer will publish it using the self-publishing program online: You may create your own account and sell your book, or we will provide this for you within our account, as you prefer.

"How To" Articles

Planning your Lifetime Book

Your Lifetime Book Interview

Read our "How To" Article: Planning Your Lifetime Book

When you Order Your Lifetime Book, our process begins with an initial interview. This interview can take place face-to-face in your home or office, or on the phone.

Here is what we will cover in our initial interview:

  • The Lifetime Writer Agreement: Your writer will ask you to sign an Agreement that includes our quality guarantee, payment terms, your rights guarantee and a content disclaimer. Please read it carefully before you sign.
  • Your purpose and intention in writing your Lifetime Book.
  • A "theme" or a special tone or feeling you would like the book to convey.
  • An intial "Content Outline" including Chapters and Chapter Titles.
  • A "dedication" or "preface" if desired.
  • A schedule for additional interviews to obtain details about the events of your lifetime that you would like to include in the book.
  • Your Lifetime Writer will also review the publishing process with you and make note of your preferences for a cover design, and details about how the book will be published and made available for purchase.

Your Photos

Your Lifetime Writer will collect all of the photos you would like to include in your Lifetime book. 

We accept prints, digital files, color or black and white.

These photos will be scanned if necessary and re-sized and re-formatted to fit the layout of the page on which it is to appear. Your Lifetime Writer will work with you to determine the best method for receiving the essence of your stories: you may record them on tape, tell your stories through interview, write them in email or letter form, whatever is easier for you. For those with some technical expertise, there is "file sharing" service on the internet called "DROPBOX," in which you can create shared "folders" for uploading photos and text to easily share these with your Lifetime Writer. Your writer will show you how it's done.


Publishing and Your Rights

You retain all of the rights to copy or distribute your Lifetime Book. The copyright will be in your name.
Your Lifetime Writer publishes your book using, a self-publishing service online.

You may create your own account in LULU.COM or sell/distribute your book within our account, as you prefer. If you decide to make your book orderable within our account, we will include a 10% surcharge to cover our administrative costs.

Your Lifetime Book purchase includes one copy of your finished book and you may order as many additional copies as you like at our cost.