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"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." ----Benjamin Franklin

Planning Your Lifetime Book

Depending upon your age, your lifetime story can be a long one, filled with precious and sometimes lengthy descriptions of events and accomplishments, some remembered with humor and some that may be quite tragic. Your life is a drama that spans decades. So how do you recount all of those great stories in the space of a fifty or a hundred-page book?


Your Lifetime Writer uses a carefully crafted process designed to cull the best of your lifetime stories to fit the limitation of the book size you have selected. Here's how it's done:


Your Lifetime Writer begins by helping you organize everything around your stated PURPOSE.  Are you writing the book to capture a few treasured moments?  Or maybe your principal purpose is to share a lesson learned. Still others may want to write a book to recognize individuals who have made an impact on their lives. Whatever your purpose, it will help you limit the focus and the scope of your lifetime book.


Once you have decided on your PURPOSE, your Lifetime Writer will begin to "probe" by asking you questions that align directly with your purpose and personal objectives.  These questions, conducted in interviews, will keep you focused and will serve to keep you on track, so that you can choose those life events and narratives that are most relevant.


After you complete the interviews, there will be time to fill in the blanks. Your Lifetime Writer will develop an outline of all of the topics, events and stories you have explored together so far.  Together you will fit these into a timeline and a chronology, so that you can easily see the periods of your lifetime that have the most importance to you and where the memories have faded. Then we will prioritize the ideas and narratives that are written down during the interviews, and we'll rank them as to their relevance to your purpose.  Together, you and your Lifetime Writer will choose which stories to include in the final book, and which to hold for a later edition or perhaps a future book for a different purpose.


The final step in the process is managing the PROGRESS of your Lifetime BookProject. Your Lifetime Writer will manage the writing, editing and publishing process, creating a flexible schedule that can be updated regularly.  Your writer can work aggressively to publish your book by a certain date.  Maybe you would like to complete the book in time to be a gift for an anniversary or a birthday. Or perhaps you have no deadline and would like to proceed with the project at your leisure.  Your Lifetime Writer will monitor the PROGRESS of your Lifetime Book project and continually update you and encourage you until the book is completed.

So there is no need to be anxious about the writing process or to delay telling your lifetime story any longer. Your Lifetime Book writing process is one you will enjoy because your Lifetime Writer is dedicated to making it easy for you.

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