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"What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family." ----Saint Theresa

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Your Lifetime Writer is Julianne Weinmann, Marketing Consultant and owner of Weinmann Marketing. Julianne Weinmann with husband GeneInspired by a long-time client, who in his 90's was using a computer daily to write letters to the editor at the NY Times and other prestigious media.  Read the "back-story" behind the creation of Lifetime Writer.
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              Here is Julianne with her husband, Gene....

Gene Weinmann, RIP, 5-18-1951 - 2-5-2016

Julianne will listen to your stories and help you organize your thoughts into chapters. Your Lifetime Writer will write, edit and publish your book.  We will also create a custom color cover for your book, using a photo or a design of your choice. You don't have to do anything but tell your life story as you would normally do in conversation or with your child or grandchild on your knee.  If writing is your passion, we will be your book editor and publisher. As your editor, we will suggest changes based on English language convention and current spelling and grammar rules.

If you have been thinking of self-publishing, but were intimidated by the cost or the writing process itself, LifetimeWriter is here to help.  LifetimeWriter is an affordable self-publishing option that handles the writing for you. So relax, tell us your stories and leave the rest to us!

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Our Family Musings...

April 19

Gene's Birth Month

Posted by Julianne

Gene's birthdayIn April of 2014, my husband and love, Gene, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.  This form of cancer attacks the bone marrow plasma cells.  And now, two years later, so much has happened. Gene is gone. The stem cell transplant only gave him a few months remission and I grieve for him, every day. Thanks to the doctors and staff at Hackensack University Medical Center, the grace of God and the prayers and support of all of our friends and relatives, we had two years together more than we would have otherwise. Now, this fact is little comfort as I try to find ways to get through each day. I love you, Gene, forever and ever.

Gene's birthday is May 18th, and I will celebrate his life with friends.  Happy Birthday, my sweet man. I didn't know your 64th would be your last, but I will celebrate your life every day. Love, Julianne

I remember Lakewood..

Posted by Julianne

Lakewood NJI remember Lakewood New Jersey, a place where my family escaped from the city.  About 5 or 10 years ago, Gene and I stayed there when we attended a family celebration in Toms River.  I wanted Gene to see this magical place where I learned to be myself. Here, in the early 1950's my parents bought a former "army barracks," complete with two entrances, a large kitchen, and several bedrooms off both sides radiating from a long hallway.  In July of 1969, my family huddled around our RCA Victor TV to watch Neil and Buzz land on the moon.

Our Photo Memories...

mom and jake


My mom and my pup, Jake.

My mom, Marie Poklemba, passed away in 2010. She was the inspiration for all I do and still is!  She taught me to be fearless.∼Julianne

mom, dad, mama, Julianne in Lakewood

Mom, dad, mamma and me in Lakewood. A chapter in my Lifetime Book. Click here for a preview. ∼Julianne